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Subject: Fiasco - Science Comics - Villains and Heroes rss

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Live long and prosper
You proceed from a false assumption. I am a Vulcan. I have no ego to bruise.
To celebrate our GM's birthday we had some games at his place. One of the games was Fiasco using the playset of Science Comics. We rolled our dice and came up with the following relations and characters:

David / Bob (Cowardly minion)

Relationship: Family - Parent and illegitimate child
Object: Doomsday device - Dr. Thunder's weather control device

Timo / Hånçk (comma man)

Relationship: Villains - Similarly themed villains both fighting for use of the same name
Need: To get respect - from the bureaucrats at the GLVE who classified you as a "D" class villain

Daniel / Ħæňq (dot man)
Relationship: Romance - Had a one-night stand long ago
Location: New York City - In an abandoned subway station

Leonie / Jorn - (Minion - Taskmaster)
Relationship: Minions - Taskmaster and cowardly minion
Need: To get laid by an honest to goodness superhero

David / Bob (Cowardly Minion)

Let the grammar heroes and their minions begin.

Act 1, Scene 1
Bob is together with Jorn very busy shoving several crates to the hide out in the middle of the night. Things aren't done very carefully; one of the crates drops on the floor and cracks. It is open now. Hånçk enters when he hears the noise. He is wearing a mask, we cannot see his face. But the mere sight of him makes Bob shiver with fear. Don't punish me! Hånçk orders Jorn to hit Bob for his stupidity. And again. And again. Bob his hand starts to hurt. He can have yce (*) (ice, I know, but these are grammar heroes, doing it all wrong, therefore yce). Hånçk leaves. Short after Ħæňq enters. He is wearing the same mask, we do not realise this is another boss. He discovers a vital component of Dr. Thunder's weather control device was broken by the fall of the crate. We will have to get a new one in his observatoryrary (*)

Act 1, Scene 2
Flashback. Hånçk is at the presentation of Dr. Thunder's weather control device. It is a big event; lots of press made it. With a heavy German accent he explains the key card he is holding is the essential component for the machine. Hånçk wants that key card. He knocks down Dr. Thunder. They try to seduce one of the guards but that doesn't work. All run after Bob and people get shot. It is chaos, but Hånçk has the key card.

Act 1, Scene 3
Flashback. Hånçk and Ħæňq meet in the library of their high school. They are browsing through the dictionaries. Adjusting all words. They grab for the same dictionary. One of them had been adjusting all dictionaries starting with A until L. The other had been working his way from Z to L. They have lots of fun over their achievements in changing them all with their commagun and dotpencil. They do argue however who is the real grammar hero. Their teacher Jorn enters, he had been making his rounds through the school. He sends Ħæňq off and asks Hånçk to come with him. Fading out here, but it results in their one night stand. Jorn has a fancy for little boys it seems.

Act 1, Scene 4
Jorn is restless. Working at a high school isn't fulfilling his needs. He walks into a bar known for frequent visits of wannabe superheroes. At a nice table he finds Captain Rainbow, Robin and Hippyism. He quickly decides both Robin and Hyppyism aren't worth wile. But Captain Rainbow, wow, he is very impressed by him. Hyppyism and Robin are getting drowsy because of a sleeping potion in their drinks. A fire starts too, Hyppism was acting weird and somehow ignited it. Please save me Captain Rainbow! Captain Rainbow is charmed by Jorn's adoration. He flies away with Jorn in his arms to the rainbowcave where Jorn will make him some great chicken soup.

Act 2, Scene 1
Small flashback. Bob doesn't know what to do for a job. He has a job interview at a small company. Unknown to him, it is his father who will interview him. His mother is Mia Bami. He didn't bring his resume. I'm sorry, don't hit me! Has no diploma, failed all subjects except spelling. He gets the job. A job without pay, a big chance of dying, serving under a pedophile (Jorn) and he will have to do his appraisal with Jorn too. A dna specimen is taken too. Jorn will take a medical examination now. Thank you, I will not disappoint you! Hånçk is happy. He watches with emotion the pictures and the recordings of his son's medical examination. (Boy, we're sick.....)

Act 2, Scene 2
Hånçk, Bob and Jorn are in Dr. Thunder's lab. They are looking for some spare parts. Dr. Thunder enters too. He had a second specimen of the machine ready. Bob is ordered to hit him but makes a lousy job of it. Now Jorn has to hit Bob. Even weirder, Hånçk and the scientist are discussing technical details of the machine. When leaving they remove some letters from the facade. It now reads Dr. Tunder. Hånçk has taken the legomanual with him, describing how the machine works. Bob jumps out of the window and breaks his leg.

Act 2, Scene 3
Ħæňq is asleep in the subway station. For comfort he had removed his mask. Jorn and Bob enter with some crates. Ħæňq awakes, aims his gun at Jorn as soon as he realises his face has been seen and Jorn remembers it is the Ħæňq he knows from teaching at high school. Bob drops another vital component. Ħæňq forces Jorn to get on the subway track. In 6 minutes a subway passes here. He tries to bribe him by giving him a pass on his diploma but it's of no use. Freeze frame here.

Act 2, Scene 4
Bob runs away, yelling aaahhhhh.....and only moments later Captain Rainbow arrives (duh!) Saving Jorn again. Leaving Ħæňq rather angry.

The elements for the tilt are:
Love rears it's ugly head and fear leads to a fateful decision

Act 3, Scene 1
Captain Rainbow/Bob is flying home with Jorn in his arms. When he reaches home he finds his mother Mia Bami there. She is pretty angry with him and gives him a fair beating involving handcuffs and whips. Ain't mother love wonderful. Jorn and Mia know each other for a while, they do get along great now.

Act 3, Scene 2

It is time for an audit. As grammar hero he can almost be kicked out of the association. He has a week to complete a list with evil ideas. He can post a movie on facebook (the medical examination of his son with Jorn) but even better, when Bob turned into Captain Rainbow is was all seen by the surveillance cameras. His evil plan is to expose him, that must surely count for a lot for the audit.

Act 3, Scene 3
Hånçk and Ħæňq are on top of one of New York's highest skyscrapers. They are trying to put the device together. The manual is in Spanish, so they cannot make heads or tails of it. Hopefully they will be able to cause a meteor shower. Instead they work out a way to lower the humidity drastically. That way Captain Rainbow will not be able to make any more rainbows. He will be weakened. When they lure him there, they will be able to kill him.

Act 3, Scene 4
Ħæňq is on top of the skyscraper with lots of offices, Bob is sent for (he works for them remember?) and he comes up using the elevator. When he exits the elevator he thinks some cloning accident must have happened. He sees two times Hånçk! Well, he thinks so at least. Actually it is Hånçk and Ħæňq, no longer wearing their masks. Bob is ordered to fix some wires on the device. He is pretty clumsy again and first falls on top of the device, bounces and drops of the building. If he would have fallen onto the ground, no doubt a truck would have run him over. But Bob managed to turn into Captain Rainbow in time. H&H weren't successful as Bob in his falling of the device also tore apart some vital connections. He was still strong enough to turn into Captain Rainbow and fly away. They can only think of one way to get to him: using their paedophile manager.

Act 4, Scene 1
Jorn is suddenly caught by a SWAT team. Olov (someone he knows from the high school he worked) is leading them. He remembers Jorn too. Olov got too old for Jorn when he got older, matured. Every word Jorn utters is taken as resistance and he gets beaten a lot. He is taken to jail.

Act 4, Scene 2
In an alternate universe the scene on the skyscraper happens again. But this time Bob is still on the mast when it suddenly almost breaks in two, having hanging him over the edge, barely holding on. One of the metal parts of the construction is falling down, it is very sharp and cuts off one of Bob's hands. Hånçk tries to reason with Bob. We could have worked together. I'm your father, son! This is enough for Bob. He gets up on the building again. Hånçk has turned off the machine in order to let Bob use his powers. A rainbow blast hits Ħæňq straight away. Father and son reunited.

Act 4, Scene 3
The audit is today! He didn't reach his quota. Hånçk starts arguing about spelling mistakes in all the forms and even is able to convince them spelling errors are something evil. He prevents being thrown out of the organisation. He infiltrates the organisation, trying to put his spelling powers to evil use.

Act 4, Scene 4
Ħæňq has failed. He walks into the heroes cafe, pronouncing he is Grammar Nasi, I am evil! Olov was having a drink while Ħæňq dropped in with his announcement. He goes up to Ħæňq and strikes up a conversation. Inquiring if he knows Jorn too? He takes Ħæňq with him out of the cafe and into jail. Approaching Jorn. I have a present for you Jorn.... and leaving Ħæňq in Jorn's capable hands.

Bob - black 7 - pathetic
Hånçk - white 0, worst thing in the universe
Ħæňq - white 1, dreadful
Jorn - black 10, pretty good

Bob walks on Times Square. On the hug tv screens he suddenly sees himself. At his transformation into Captain Rainbow in the subway station.... his secret is out. He is seen as a henchman from a villain. His reputation is in the gutters. He is allowed to stay a hero, a D level one. His mother Mia turned out to be a spy and even receives an honourable commemoration and a promotion.

Hånçk is demoted several times. From a D level villain in spelling he gets to E and even F before he is thrown out. A few local superheroes grab him. They hook him up to a huge computer, linked to the internet and text-messaging. The rest of his life will be spent correcting grammar and spelling errors on the internet and text-messaging. Everyone hates him.

Ħæňq is feeling very depressed. He can't see the difference between day and night. In prison he feels underneath his bed and finds something sharp. He has several suicide attempts. After his 6th attempt they have him in another hospital. The last thing before he dies he sees his name on the sign attached to his bed. It spells his name correct.... the horror.

Jorn is released from prison. He gets a new job at a primary school where no one knows about his infatuation for little kids. Olov gave in to his feelings for Jorn, they are dating now.
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Hanlon's razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity
Hanlon's razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity
Narl wrote:

Hånçk is demoted several times. From a D level villain in spelling he gets to E and even F before he is thrown out. A few local superheroes grab him. They hook him up to a huge computer, linked to the internet and text-messaging. The rest of his life will be spent correcting grammar and spelling errors on the internet and text-messaging. Everyone hates him.

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