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Subject: Lonely Oaks Explosion Session 2 rss

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James Miscavish
United States
St. Joseph
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To get caught up on our first session, check here.

After our crew leaves the mayor's office with their visitor's passes, they head straight to Senodyn Laboratories. The police let them through, and, after they make contact with the scientists inside, Ulrich joins the group discreetly from the conference room.

The players sat around deciding what to do for several minutes. I like seeing them argue-"We should ask the cops, no investigate, no manipulate, no beat them up!"-but I was tired watching them debate, so I chimed in and mentioned that there was a flapping and crashing sound coming from down the hallway.

Ulrich and Dakota (two lowest +tough) decide to go investigate the room opposite the commotion and discover the location of the explosion. 5 guys in hazmat suits are cleaning up the mess. Ulrich goes over to a table containing 'sciency' equipment and asks one question. He realizes that, even with his extensive knowledge, he recognizes none of the elements or solutions on this table. They are clearly otherworldly. Something supernatural caused this explosion.

Dakota blows his roll and gets both of the hunters kicked out of the room, plus the hazmat guys call in additional cops (not my best idea as a Keeper...more info on this later).

Raven, Italiano, and Malachi follow the existing cops down the hall into the room with the gargoyle. I made this monster up on the spot. He had fangs, claws, and wings. It was a gargoyle brought to life from the cemetery, but the hunters never discovered that. I gave the monster 7 harm, and the hunters dispatched him in two rolls. Each hunter hit with bonus success and chose to do extra harm. They were fairly creative with their ideas, the monstrous ran up and bit the gargoyle while Raven flanked it with a sword swipe.

While in the room, they found a laser device along with four stones covered with cryptic writing. The laser was pointed directly at the stones. The hunters' first instinct was to smash the stones...The chosen ended up having a vision of the laser activating these stones and summoning forth the gargoyle.

On their way out the door, they see more cop cars pull up. Malachi and Dakota teleport into an abandoned house, and Malachi even grabs the male scientist on his way out. The other three decide to ATTACK THE COPS. Not manipulate...not investigate...but kill...So, I'll spare the details, but they hit some rolls and dispatched the police officers. I'll make sure that comes back at them in the next chapter of this arc.

Anyway, a note in the Senodyn labs mentioned something going down at 8 pm, once it got late enough, the hunters heard about 10 separate dogs howling.

Now this was a good fight.

The hunters took up positions around the house. Unfortunately, 10 dogs surrounded them. First, Dakota climbed a tree and pulled a shotgun on one of the dogs. He blew his roll, fell out of the tree due to the recoil, and faced a dog charge while immobilized. Next, Italiano decides to chop off a dog's head with his chainsaw. He blows his roll, the dog dodges his swipe, and, unfortunately, his swing sends knocks him off balance. The dog moves in and bites him.

Raven runs out of the house, helping his friend by chopping that dog into pieces. Malachi stays put inside the house and takes aim at one of the dogs out the window. He puts it down, but another dog takes advantage and jumps into the house. They take turns dispatching dogs and taking harm. The hunters start to play to their strengths during this fight. The weird ones use magic and the tough ones kick ass and the sharp ones read the situation.

As we break for the week, Italiano notices that his bite has already healed. Strangely, though, it's left a bright silver scar.

Check soon for my review of the system minus all the narration. Thanks!
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