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The Front Page of BGG is constructed from a number of elements. Registered users (who are logged in) can change the layout of the default front page.
  • Click on "Edit front page" in the red Announcements title bar


The upper right of the front page, like many BGG pages, has a Search bar, which you can use to search for specific games' BGG pages (with forums, image galleries, files, weblinks, etc). Click on the white search bar to bring up a menu letting you search for other things (e.g. Designers, Publishers, etc), as well as do an Advanced Search on games (specifying publication years, whether you've owned or rated it, subdomain, etc).

Main Menu

Change the layout by going to this page:

The default menu consists of the following parts:

  • BGG Boy: A graphic that appears on all pages and clicking on him will return you to the Front Page of BGG.
  • Sign In/Register/Mailbox/Logout: If you are not logged in Sign In and Register will be visible (not required for guest access). When logged in a link to your Mailbox will be available (and an option to log out). If any new BGG mail has arrived the number of unread messages will be shown. Clicking on "Mailbox" will take you to your GeekMail Inbox.
  • Search Box: Allows you to look for games, designers, publishers, users and tags and more that meet the criteria you type into the box.
  • Menu Tabs: Contain all of the BGG top level menu options. There are too many to list here, but if you hover your mouse over each Tab they will show you the sub-menus. Click on any that interest you to see what they contain.
  • QuickBar: the QuickBar is a way of creating personalized menu short-cuts to BGG content that you are interested in. However, it can only be used if you are logged in.


Beneath the Main Menu are the core modules of BGG in three columns. A general guide to the module elements and their use can be found in the BGG Module Guide. Registered users can alter which optional modules are shown by going to this page, which can be accessed through "Account" in My Geek. The default modules are marked with a star.

There are three sections of the screen over which you have control - the Far Left column, the Left Column and the Right Column. (The BGG Main Menu, BGG mini-menu and the random images at the bottom of the page are not something you can change. The appearance of adverts can be controlled by the use of AdBlock. The options you have are:

Left Column and Right Column

You can Add A Module using the link in the upper left section of the editing page or remove a module by clicking its red X. Click and drag modules to rearrange them to suit your preferences. It is not advisable to choose the same module twice as the controls for that module become confused and give erratic responses.

Once you have chosen a module, you can also choose how many Rows of screen/page that module will occupy and the default view - Hot, Recent or Active. Whether you use both columns and how many rows you use for each module is dependent on your screen size. Simply try several settings until you find the one that works best for you.

Having made your changes, click on the "Save" button. If you've made a real mess of things, just click on the "Reset to Defaults" button to restore everything to normal and start again.

You can choose from the following modules:

  • BGG TV was added for GenCon 2013. It uses Flash, causing trouble and slow page loads for some people, without the ability to customize or block it. Presumably this will be addressed after GenCon; meanwhile there are browser workarounds to block it.

Random Images

Beneath all of this is a strip of randomly chosen images from the BGG image database, which change every time you view the Front Page. (Currently disabled)

BGG Mini Menu

At the very bottom of the page is the BGG mini-menu. It contains 7 links to important parts of BGG
  • Front Page: Takes you to the Front Page of BGG
  • Contact: Takes you to a "Contact Us" page where you can choose who you want to contact amongst the Admins
  • Privacy Policy: Takes you to the details of the BGG Privacy Policy
  • Advertise: Takes you to the BGG Ad Manager
  • Support BGG: Takes you to the support page where you can make a donation to BGG - either a one-off payment or a monthly donation.
  • Feeds: Takes you to a page where you can choose from the available BGG RSS Feeds and also read more about what they are and how they work.


Adverts are an important revenue stream for BGG, allowing the Admins to offer a greater service than otherwise, helping towards the maintenance costs of the hardware, web hosting and Internet access/traffic costs.


BGG offers a feature to disable advertisements on BGG - AdBlock. Registered users can donate a sum of at least $25 to BGG and in return they can turn on AdBlock, which will remove the adverts for a year. Alternatively, one can pay for Adblock with GeekGold (1 Day = 1 GeekGold, 30 Days = 20 GeekGold). To sign up for AdBlock, go to your user profile or click on the "Support BGG" link in the mini-menu at the bottom of any page.

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