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The Best Amateur Wargame Magazine award is given each year as part of the Charles S. Roberts awards.

The Evolution of Cards and Wargames, by John Prados (Against the Odds #19) *Winner*
Combat Commander: Briefing on Scenario 10, by Chad & Kai Jensen and John Foley (C3I #19)
Combat Commander: Up Close and Personal, by John Foley (C3I #19)
For the People: Opening Moves, by Mark Herman (C3I #19)
A Victory Lost, Series Replay, by Pat Hirtle and Jon Gautier (Operations #52)

No winner was announced.

Bonaparte at Marengo, Matthew Kirschenbaum (Paper Wars #60)
Empire of the Sun Strategy Concepts, Mark Herman (C3i #17) *Winner*
La Grande Guerre, Adam Starkweather (Paper Wars #58)
My Philosophy Behind the Card Driven Game System, Mark Herman (C3i #17)
Rise of the Roman Republic, Steven A. Carey (C3i #16)
Sweden Fights On, Mark Kaczmarek (C3i #17)

No winner was announced.

Drive on Stalingrad, Adam Starkweather (Paper Wars #50) *Winner*

Battles for Philadelphia, Richard Lechowich (Paper Wars #45)
Enjoying a Slice of Sicilian, Adam Starkweather (Paper Wars #48) *Winner*
Hobby Japan's Pacific Fleet, Adam Starkweather (Paper Wars #46)
Kasserine, Alan Murphy (Paper Wars #46)
Setup and Strategy in Hube's Pocket, Tony Zbaraschuk (Operations #41-42)

Hube's Pocket Analysis, Tony Zbaraschuk (Operations #41) *Winner*
Rome at War: Hannibal at Bay, Peter Perla with Michael Markowitz (Paper Wars #41)
GMT's Risorgimento 1859, Walt O'Hara (Paper Wars #40)
Ukraine '43, Henry Lowood (Paper Wars #40)

AH's 1776, Rod Coffey (Paper Wars #35)
COA's Summer Storm, Greg Ullrich (Paper Wars #33) *Winner*
Der Welkrieg Series, Pat Collins and David Newport (Paper Wars #34)
Drive on Paris, Pat Hirtle (ConsimWorld - Game Reviews Central)
Thoughts on Strategy: Paths of Glory, Brandon Einhorn (Paper Wars #34)

La Bataille de Lutzen, Juan Rosario (Paper Wars #32) *Winner*
Paths of Glory, Ted Raicer (C3i #10)
Samurai: Warriors and Soldiers, Jim Werbaneth(C3i #10)

Home Before the Leaves Fall, Rick Lechowich (Fire & Movement #116) *Winner*

Breakout Normandy, Alan Appelbaum (The General Magazine, Vol 31, Nr.6)
Panzergruppe Guderian, Ted Kim (SPI Revival eZine #1) *Winner*

A Fleet Squandered, Tom Dworschak (Command Magazine #40) *Winner*
Great War in the Near East, Ted Raicer (Command Magazine #38)
SS Panzer Bloodbath, Stephen Rothwell (Command Magazine #36)

The category was not announced for that year.

The category was not announced for that year.

The category was not announced for that year.

August Storm: Franco-Prussian War, Ulrich & Dirk Blennemann (MOVES Magazine #72) *Winner*

Battlefield: Europe, Charles Lewis (Fire & Movement #72)
Carrier War, Fred Helfferich (Fire & Movement #75)
Balkan Front, John Pitcavage (MOVES Magazine #65)
The Evolution of Simulation Design, John Schettler (MOVES Magazine #65) *Winner*

1862, John Burtt (Fire & Movement #71)
Operation Shoestring, Terry Rooker (Wargamer Magazine V2 #25)
La Bataille de la Eylau, Warren Kingley (Wargamer Magazine V2 #23)
D-Elim, Ulrich & Dirk Blennemann (Command Magazine #2) *Winner*

Hitler's Last Gamble, H. Lowoud (Wargamer Magazine V2 #17)
Modern Naval Battles, Rick Swan (Fire & Movement #62)
Edelweiss, Warren Kingsley (Wargamer Magazine V2 #12)
Imperium Romanum, David Perlmutter (Fire & Movement #63)
World War II Anthology, Part I, Vance Von Borries (Fire & Movement #60) *Winner*

East Front (Wargamer)
Empire in Arms (Fire & Movement)
Fire Brigade (Fire & Movement)
Lee vs. Grant (Wargamer) *Winner*
Pas de Calais (Wargamer)

Central America (Fire and Movement) *Winner*
Raid on St. Nazaire (Wargamer)
Rebel Sabers (Wargamer)
Russia (Fire and Movement)
Squad Leader Series: 10 Years After (Fire and Movement)

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