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The Best Historical or Scenario Article award is given each year as part of the Charles S. Roberts awards.

Not War But Murder: The Cold Harbor Campaign - 1864, by Michael Rinella (Against the Odds #19) *Winner*
A Fatal Attraction: The Gallipoli Campaign, by Paul Rourbaugh (Against the Odds #20)
Beating the Odds at Long Tan, by Mal Wright (Against the Odds #20)
Moscow 1941: Guderian vs. Hitler, by Joseph Miranda (Strategy & Tactics #244)
Fall of France, 1940: Myths & Reality, by John Burtt (Strategy & Tactics #245)

No winner was announced.

(All Honorable Mentions, no winner was declared for 2005)
Battle of Cheriton, 1644 - New Battle Module for This Accursed Civil War, Ben Hull (C3i #17)
Khan: The Rise of the Mongol Empire, Joseph Miranda (Strategy & Tactics #229)
Lest Darkness Fall: Rome in Crisis, AD 235-285, Ty Bomba (Strategy & Tactics #234)
Operation Downfall & Allied Airpower, Brian Todd Carey (Strategy & Tactics #230)
Strategy Concepts in Empire of the Sun, Mark Herman (C3i #17)
The Big Push, Roger C. Nord (Against the Odds #11)

The Development of the Canadian Army, 1600-1900, Brian Train (Strategy & Tactics #225)
The Sedan Campaign of 1870: An Analysis, Ty Bomba (Strategy & Tactics #224]) *Winner*

Napoleon at the Berezina, Robert Markham (Against the Odds #4) *Winner*

La loi du plus fort: Castiglione, Alexander Ashton & Frederic Bey
(C3i #14) OCS Sicily as a History Lesson, Roger Hyman (Operations Magazine #43)
Overshadowed by a Phrase: Pyrrhus, David W. Tschanz (C3i #14) *Winner*
The British Wars in Afghanistan, Andrew Preziosi (Strategy & Tactics #208)
Vietnam Climax: The Siege of Khe Sanh, John Prados(Against the Odds #2)

The Boer War, 1899-1902, Joseph Miranda (Strategy & Tactics #200) *Winner*

The Dragon Breaks its Sleep, Mark Royer and Ching Wah Chin (Europa Magazine #75)
Operation Menace, Arthur Goodwin (Europa Magazine #76)
Xenophon and the Persian Civil War, James Yates (Strategy & Tactics #203)
French Foreign Legion, Timothy Kutta (Strategy & Tactics #200) *Winner*

The First Peloponnesian War, Alan Arvold (The Boardgamer, April 1999)
Home Fleet - Team Variants and a Short Scenario For Atlantic Storm, Mark McLaughlin (The Boardgamer, January 1999)
Equus: Cavalry Battles of the Second Punic War, Dan Fournie, (C3i #10) *Winner*
The Sertorian War, Stephen Jackson (C3i #10)
The Battle of Bir el Gobi, Mauro De Vita (Operations Magazine #34 & #35)

The Meuse-Argonne: America's Last Offensive of the Great War, John Desch (Command Magazine #51) *Winner*

A Wave of Terror, Arnold Blumberg (Command Magazine #41)
End of Empire, Parts I and II, William Marsh (Command Magazine #46) *Winner*

The category was not announced that year.

Aachen '44, Dirk Blennemann (Command Magazine #33)
Demyansk Pocket, Milton Golden (Command Magazine #34)
Bunker Hill, William Marsh (Command Magazine #32) *Winner*

The category was not announced that year.

Cortes: Conquest of the Aztec Empire, David Tschanz (Command Magazine #20)
The Hammer of God, Mark Herman (C3i #2)
Shogun Triumphant, Richard Berg (Command Magazine #23)
When Eagles Fight: First World War in the East, Ted Raicer (Command Magazine #25) *Winner*
World War II: Yugoslavia, Vern Libel (Command Magazine #22)

Russo-Japanese War, Ron Bell (Command Magazine #19) *Winner*

Desert Storm, Bo Eldridge (Command Magazine #13) *Winner*
Alexander, Mike Markowitz (Command Magazine #10)
Chaco, Bruce Farcau (Command Magazine #12)
Carl von Clausewitz and the Rise of Modern Warfare, Joseph Miranda (Strategy & Tactics #142)

Borodino, G. Morgan (Strategy & Tactics #136) *Winner*
Enter Rommel, Frank Watson (Europa Magazine #15) *Winner*
Flame in the Gulf, James Werbaneth (The General V26 #3)
Triumph of the Will, Ty Bomba (Command Magazine #6)
Tiger of Ethiopia, Ty Bomba (Command Magazine #6)

The Eagle and the Bear, Curtis King and Michael Bigelow (Command Magazine #1)
Golden Era, Al Nofi, David Isby, and Joe Balkoski (Strategy & Tactics #128)
Rush for Glory, Richard Hitchman (Strategy & Tactics #127) *Winner*

Forrest at Bay, Richard Berg (Strategy & Tactics #119) *Winner*
Jon Southard: Interview, Rodger MacGowan (Fire & Movement #58)
Naval War in the Mediterranean (Counterattack Magazine #2)
Revolution in Latin America, Joseph Miranda (Strategy & Tactics #120)
Simulating the Fog of War, John Setear (Fire & Movement #58)

Aesthetics, Function and History in Wargame Graphics (Wargamer) *Winner*
Axis and Allies (BattlePlan)
Craig Taylor: Interview (Fire and Movement)
Revolution Against the Revolution (The General)
Role Simulators (Fire and Movement)

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