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The Best Magazine-Published Boardgame award is given each year as part of the Charles S. Roberts awards.

COBRA: The Normandy Campaign
Guerra a Muerte
Day of the Chariot: Kadesh
Iwo Jima: Rage Against the Marines *Winner*
Red Dragon Rising: The Coming War With China

A Fatal Attraction: The Gallipoli Campaign
Look Away!
Not War But Murder *Winner*
Sea Lords on the Mekong Delta
Twilight of the Ottomans: World War I in the Middle East

Cactus Throne: The Mexican War of 1862-1867
Kulikovo 1380: The Golden Horde *Winner*
Cold War Battles: Budapest '56 & Angola '87
Imperial Sunset: The Battle of Leyte Gulf 1944
La vallée de la mort
Winged Horse: Campaigns in Vietnam, 1965-66

Bittereinder: The Second Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902
Chennault's First Fight *Winner*
The Big Push: The Battle of the Somme
The Old Contemptibles
Vinegar Joe's War: CBI

Fortress Berlin *Winner*
Group of Soviet Forces Germany
Suleiman the Magnificent

Asia Crossroads: The Great Game
Ignorant Armies: The Iran-Iraq War, 1980-88 *Winner*
The Lost Battalion: The Meuse-Argonne Offensive, 1918
Napoleon at the Berezina
North Wind Rain

Back to Iraq
Indochina War *Winner*
Belisarius: The Byzantine Empire Strikes
Rough & Ready: Opening Battles of the Mexican-American War

War of 1812 *Winner*
Twilight of the Habsburgs
When Dragons Fight
France 1940

Forgotten Axis: The Finnish Campaign
Xenophon: 10,000 Against Persia *Winner*
Over the Top! Lemberg 1914 & Verdun 1916
Marengo 1800
Leuthen 1757

Crimean War
Clash of the Eagles: Borodino & Friedland *Winner*
Vietnam Battles: Hue and Operation Pegasus
Over the Top! Lemberg 1914 & Verdun 1916
Iron Dream

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