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Chung Dae-Ho

Chung Dae-Ho, Smuggler

Background: Re-instantiated 
Faction: Extropian
 Morph: Slitheroid 
Motivations: +Libertarianism +Revenge +Wealth


Morph bonus




secondary stats



Ranged weapons

Firearms Armour
Damage firing 
Submachine Gun –2 2d10 + 3 SA, BF , FA 20
Ammo: 5 clips
Special: Smart link: Apply a +10 modifier to the Attack Test. Smartlinks also incorporate a microcamera that allows the user to see what the weapon is pointed at, fire around corners, etc.
Safety System: A biometric (palmprint or voiceprint) or ego ID (p. 279) sensor is embedded in the weapon, disabling it if anyone other than an authorized user attempts to fire it.

Melee weapons

Melee weapon Armour
Vibroblade –2 2d10 + 2
Special: These buzzing electronic blades vibrate at a high frequency for extra cutting ability. This has little extra effect when stabbing or slashing, but provides an extra –3 AP and +2d10 damage when carefully sawing through something.


Armour Kinetic Energy
Light armour 14 12
Special: Nothing


Rep #
@-rep 30
c-rep 50
g-rep 70
i-rep 50

Ego traits

Ego traits Description
Danger Sense  The character has an intuitive sixth sense that warns them of imminent threats. They receive a +10 modifier on Surprise Tests (p. 204).
Edited Memories  At some point in the character's past, the charac-ter had certain memories strategically removed or otherwise lost to them. This may have been done to intentionally forget an unpleasant or shameful experi-ence or to make a break with the past. The memory may also have been lost by an unexpected death (with no recent backup), or it may have been erased against the character's will. Whatever the case, the memory should bear some importance, and there should exist either evidence of what happened or NPCs who know the full story. This is a tool the gamemaster can use to haunt the character at some future point with ghosts from their past. (See background for the memory gap)
Neural Damage (Repetitive Behavior-- nervous tic when remembering his last death) The character has suffered some type of neurological damage that simply cannot be cured. The affliction is now part of the character's ego and remains with them even when remorphing. This damage may have been inherited, it may have resulted from a poorly designed morph or implant, or it may have been inflicted by one of the TITAN nanoviruses that targeted neural systems during the Fall (p. 384). The gamemaster may decide to inflict modifiers resulting from this affliction as appropriate.
On the Run (Jovians -- Wanted for smuggling political dissidents off Callisto) The character is wanted by the authorities of a particular habitat/station or faction, who continue to actively search for the character. They either committed a crime or somehow displeased someone in power. The character deals with that faction in question at their own risk and may occasionally be forced to deal with bounty hunters.


Skill  Aptitude  Base   Morph
Academics: Accounting COG 35 35 

Academics: Astrophysics COG 45 45 
Academics: Psychology COG 40   40 
Blades SOM 45 5 50 
Deception SAV 50 50 
Fray REF 50 50 
Free Fall REF 30 30 
Gunnery INT 40 45 
Hardware: Aerospace COG 50 50 
Infiltration COO 40 5 45 
Infosec COG 35 35 
Interests: Black Markets COG  55   55 
Interests: Criminal Groups COG 35    35
Interests: Inner System Law  COG  55    55 
Kinesics  SAV  40    40 
Kinetic Weapons  COO  50  5  55 
Language: Native Korean  INT  85  5  90 
Language: English  INT  45  5  50 
Language: Cantonese  INT  40  5  45 
Navigation  INT  30  5  35 
Networking: Autonomists  SAV  35    35 
Networking: Criminal  SAV  55    55 
Networking: Hypercorps  SAV  55    55 
Palming  COO  35  5  40 
Perception  INT  45  5  50 
Persuasion  SAV  60    60 
Pilot: Aircraft  REF  45    45 
Pilot: Groundcraft  REF  50    50 
Pilot: Spacecraft  REF  60    60 
Profession: Appraisal  COG  45    45 
Profession: Customs Procedures  COG   50    50 
Profession: Smuggling Tricks  COG  60    60


Name Effect
Basic Biomods  Almost universal in biomorphs, many habitats will not allow individuals to visit/immigrate if their bio-morph does not possess these biomods in order to preserve public health. Basic biomods consists of a series of genetic tweaks, tailored viruses, and bacteria that speed healing, greatly increase disease resistance, and impede aging. A morph with basic biomods heals twice as fast as an early 21st century human, gradually regrows lost body parts, is immune to all normal diseases (from cancer to the flu), and is largely immune to aging. In addition, the morph requires no more than 3–4 hours of sleep per night, is immune to ill effects from long-term exposure to low or zero gravity, and does not naturally suffer from biological problems like depression, shock reactions after being injured, or allergies.
360-degree Vision  The shell's visual sensors are situated for a 360-degree field of vision.
Access Jacks  Usually located in the base of the skull or neck, this implant is an external socket with a direct neural interface. It allows the character to establish a direct wired connection using a fiberoptic cable to external devices or other characters, which can be useful in places where wireless links are unreliable or complete privacy is required. Two characters linked via access jack can “speak” mind-to-mind and transfer information between their mesh inserts and other implants.
Anti-Glare  This visual mod eliminates penalties for glare.
Basic Mesh Inserts  Includes:
• Cranial Computer: This computer serves as the hub for the character's personal area network and is home to their muse (p. 264). It has all of the functions of a smartphone and PDA, acting as a media player, meshbrowser, alarm clock/calendar, positioning and map system, address book, advanced calculator, file storage system, search engine, social networking client, messaging program, and note pad. It manages the user's augmented reality input and can run any software the character desires (see Software, p. 331). It also processes XP data, allowing the user to experience other people's recorded memories, and also allowing the user to share their own XP sensory input with others in real-time. Facial/image recognition and encryption software (p. 331) are included by default. 
• Radio Transceiver: This transceiver connects the user to the mesh and other characters/devices within range. It has an effective range of 20 kilometers in deep space or other locations far from radio interference and 1 kilometer in crowded habitats. 
• Medical Sensors: This array of implants monitors the user's medical status, including heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, temperature, neural activity, and much more. A sophisticated medical diagnostic system interprets the data and warns the user of any concerns or dangers.
Chameleon Skin  The morph's skin is augmented with complex chromatophores so that it changes color like the skin of a chameleon or an octopus. The morph can match the appearance of almost any color and most patterns. This provides a +20 modifier to Infiltration Tests to avoid being seen or noticed, as long as the character is stationary or not moving faster than a slow walk. The character must be nude or wearing smart clothing (p. 325) of the same color/ pattern. If incompletely camouflaged, or if moving faster, reduce the modifier to +10. In addition to blending in, the character can also consciously change the color and pattern of their skin to deliberately stand out (+20 on Perception Tests to notice) or simply to produce attractive or interesting colors or patterns.
Cortical Stack  A cortical stack is a tiny cyberware data storage unit protected within a synthdiamond case the size of a grape, implanted at the base of the skull where the brain stem and spinal cord connect. It contains a digital backup of that character's ego. Part nanoware, the implant maintains a network of nanobots that monitor synaptic connections and brain architecture, noting any changes and updating the ego backup in real time, right up to the moment of death. If the character dies, the cortical stack can be recovered and they may be restored from the backup (see Resleeving, p. 270).  Cortical stacks do not have external or wireless access (for security), they must be surgically removed (see Retrieving a Cortical Stack, p. 268). Cortical stacks are extremely durable, requiring special effort to damage or destroy. They are commonly recovered from bodies that have otherwise been pulped or mangled. Cortical stacks are intentionally isolated from mesh inserts and other implants, as a security measure to prevent hacking or external tampering.
Cyberbrain  Cybernetic brains are where the ego (or controlling AI) resides in synthmorphs and pods. Modeled on biologi-cal brains, cyberbrains have a holistic architecture and serve as the command node and central processing point for sensory input and decision-making. Only one ego or AI may “inhabit” a cyberbrain at a time; to accommodate extras, mesh inserts mesh inserts (p. 300) or a ghostrider module (p. 307) must be used. Since cyberbrains store memories digitally, they have the equivalent of mnemonic augmentation  (p. 307). They also have a built-in puppet sock (p. 307) and may be remote-controlled, though this option may be removed by those who value their security. Cyberbrains are vulnerable to cyberbrain hacking (p. 261) and other forms of electronic infiltration/ attack. Cyberbrains come equipped with two or more pairs of external access jacks (p. 306), usually located at the base of the skull, which allow for direct wired connections. 
Enhanced Vision  The morph's eyes have tetrachro-matic vision capable of exceptional color differen-tiation. These eyes can also see the electromagnetic spectrum from terahertz wave frequencies to gamma rays, enabling them to see a total of several dozen colors, instead of the seven ordinary human eyes can perceive. In addition, these eyes have a variable focus equivalent to 5 power magnifiers or binoculars. This augmentation provides a +20 modifier to all Perception Tests involving vision. For further applica-tions, see Using Enhanced Senses, p. 302.
Grip Pads  The morph possesses specialized pads on its palms, lower arms, shins, and the bottoms of its feet. Designed to emulate the pads on gecko feet, characters can support themselves on a wall or ceiling by placing any two of these pads against any surface not made from a material specially designed to resist this augmentation. Characters can climb any surface and move easily across ceilings that can support their weight. Apply a +30 modifier to Climbing Tests. The pads must be free to touch the surface the character is climbing (no gloves). The nature of these pads is obvious to anyone looking at them, but they do not impair the character's sense of touch or manual dexterity. If combined with the vacuum sealing augmenta-tion, the character can even stick to surfaces in the vacuum of space.
Hidden Compartment  The shell has a concealed aperture for a shielded interior compartment, ideal for storing valuables or smuggling contraband. Apply a –30 modifier to detect this compartment either manually or with sensor scans.
Lidar  This sensor emits laser light and measures the reflections to judge range, speed, and image the target. See Using Enhanced Senses, p. 302.
Light Combat Armor  The synthmorph's frame is protected by armor designed for policing and secu-rity duties. This increases the bot's built-in Armor to 14/12.
Mnemonic Augmentation   A character with this augmentation and a cortical stack can access digital recordings of all of the sensory data they have experienced in XP format (and they may share these record-ings with others). Mnemonic augmentation differs from the eidetic memory bioware because it allows characters to digitally share all of their sensory data with others. It also allows them to closely examine sensory data they did not initially look at. For example, If the character glanced at a note but did not read it, they can later use image enhancement soft-ware to enhance this image and in most cases actually read what the note said. Mnemonic augmentation allows the character to clearly hear all background noises, like a conversation at a nearby table that the character only initially heard a few words of. Using mnemonic augmentation to retrieve a specific piece of information is quite easy, but usually requires between 2 and 20 minutes of concentration.
Mobility System: Snake (4/16; 8/32 rolling)  Commonly used by slitheroids, these shells use lateral undulation, flexing their body from left to right and waving their frame forward. Such shells may also use sidewinding or a concertina motion (straightening forward, then retracting the rear) to move. They also featured gyroscope stabilization so that they may circle into a hoop and roll like a wheel
Radar  This sensor system bounces radio or micro-waves off targets and measures the reflected waves to judge size, composition, and motion. See Using Enhanced Senses, p. 302.
T-Ray Emitter  Mounted under the skin of the user's forehead, this implant generates low-powered beams of terahertz radiation (T-rays) that allow the character to see using reflected T-rays. As discussed in Using Enhanced Senses, p. 302, this implant combined with the enhanced vision enhancement (or a terahertz sensor) allows the user to effectively see through cloth, plastic, wood, masonry, composites, and ceramics as well as being able to determine the composition of various materials. This implant allows the user to see using reflected T-rays for 20 meters in a normal atmo-sphere and for 100 meters in vacuum


Gear Effect 
Backup Insurance (1 month)  In the event of verifiable death, or after a set period of being missing, backup insurance will arrange for your cortical stack to be retrieved and your ego downloaded into another morph. If the cortical stack cannot be retrieved, your most recent backup is used. Most policies require that the holder provide a backup to be uploaded into secure storage at least twice a year. This industry works in a manner similar to insurance underwrit-ing in terms of cost and individuals engaged in high risk professions can expect to pay a premium for the service. Additionally, attempts to retrieve a cortical stack are minimal unless one wants to pay for some extra effort (a thriving industry of paramilitary ego-repo operatives exists for this purpose).
Dazzler  The dazzler is a tiny laser system set on a rotating ball. When activated, it consistently spins and emits laser pulses in all directions. These laser pulses are not dangerous, but they detect the lenses of camera systems (including specs, viewers, and bot/ synthmorph sensors) and repeatedly zap them with laser pulses of varying strength to overload and dazzle them. For as long as a dazzler is active, any camera system (visual, infrared, and ultraviolet) within line of sight and within 200 meters is blinded.
Fake Ego ID  ("Diego Chavez" of Luna) This forged ID will pass in most inner system and Jovian Republic habitats, and sometimes others.
Guardian Bot  Similar to gnats, guardian angel rotorcraft hover around their charges, keeping a watchful eye out to protect them from threats. (+5 REF, 360-Degree Vision, Access Jacks, Chameleon Skin, Eelware, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Smell, Enhanced Vision, Lidar, Light Combat Armor, Neurachem, T-Ray Emitter)
Miniature Radio Farcaster  Miniature farcasters communicate with each other using standard radio transceivers. As noted above, they may only securely communicate with the other farcasters with which they are entangled. Most miniature farcasters are worn as jewelry or fitted into clothing or other equipment.
Phlo (1 dose)  Phlo increases alertness and coordination, making the user more graceful and nimble in a fray. The character gains +5 COO and +10 on Perception Tests for the duration of the drug. Everything feels possible to a character on Phlo, and so they are vul-nerable to being goaded into actions that might be foolish or dangerous (apply a –10 modifier to appropriate Social Skill Tests).
Portable Plane   Powered by superconducting batteries and with an exceedingly small but powerful electric motor, this light but durable propeller plane is made of smart materials that allow it to be swiftly folded up into a small portable package. Different ver-sions are designed for flight on Mars, Titan, or Venus, each taking 10 minutes to assemble or disassemble. The Martian version unpacks into an airplane with a wingspan of 11 m with a top speed of 250 kph and a cruising speed of 220 kph and a range of 1,300 km. The Venusian version has a wingspan of 9 m, a top speed of 200 kph and a range of 1,000 km. The version designed for use on Titan has a wingspan of 8 m and has a top speed of 200 kph and a range of 2,000 km. In all versions, the two occupants ride in an inflatable and insulated pressurized bubble with a life support system capable of providing clean air and comfortable temperatures for 20 hours on Mars and Venus, and 15 hours on Titan.
Radio Booster  This device boosts the range and sensitivity of short-range radios, like those from implants, ectos, or microbugs. The booster must be with the shorter-ranged device's range (or directly linked via fiberoptic cable). It will repeat any trans-missions received from that device, but at its extended range of 25 kilometers in urban areas (250 kilometers remote areas). Broadcasts from a radio booster are easy to receive by anyone looking for broadcasts (see Wireless Scanning, p. 251), though transmissions may be stealthed (p. 252). Boosters are commonly used by characters traveling far from habitats or other civilized regions. 
Repair Spray  This nanobot generator creates nanobots designed to repair synthmorphs, vehicles, and other common objects. Repair spray contains the specifications and plans for almost all commonly used synthmorphs and devices and is a ubiquitous house-hold item. If it does not contain the specifications for something it is being used to repair, it must query the object's voice for these details, otherwise it cannot repair it. Simply touch it to the damaged area, push the button on top, and it sprays out a number of nano-bots sufficient to make repairs. These nanobots repair 1d10 points of damage per 2 hours. Once all damage is restored, the nanobots repair wounds at the rate of 1 per day. Repair spray also cleans and polishes items and returns them to a pristine and new state. Repair spray is not effective on any object with more than 3 wounds, but it provides a +30 to all repair rolls on anything too badly damaged for it to fully repair (see Synthmorph and Object Repair, p. 208).
Slip (1 application)  This liquid is almost entirely frictionless. When spread around an area (commonly used in splash grenades), anyone attempting to walk or run on the affected surface must make a COO Test or fall down. Likewise, any coated surface becomes extremely hard to grip onto, requiring a SOM Test to hang on. Anyone attempting to grapple a slip-soaked character suffers a –30 modifier.
Smart Clothing  Smart clothing can change its color, texture, and even its cut, taking only a minute or two to transform from a solid color jumpsuit to a plaid party dress or a replica of a pinstriped, late 20th century business suit. It can also camouflage the wearer, providing a +20 bonus to Infiltration Tests to avoid being seen, as long as the wearer is stationary or not moving faster than a slow walk, and as long as the wearer is completely covered or also using chameleon skin (p. 303) of the same color/pattern. If incompletely camouflaged, or if moving faster, reduce the modifier to +10. Smart clothing also keeps the character warm or cool, allowing the character to exist comfortably in environments from –40 to 70 C.
Utilitool  This hand tool includes a specialized small nanobot generator. In its basic form, a utilitool is the size and shape of a large fountain pen. It can transform into almost any tool, however, from a wrench, knife, or powered screwdriver to a rotary grinder or pair of pliers. Some inexpensive utilitools are optimized for specialized tasks, like cooking or wilderness survival, but more expensive models become almost any imaginable hand tool. Utilitools are normally mentally controlled using the character's basic mesh inserts. Characters without such implants can control the tool via voice commands and touch controls. Characters using a utilitool gain a +10 modifier to skills involving repairing or modifying devices with mechanical parts, opening locks, disarming alarm systems, or performing first aid.
White Noise Machine  This small and wearable device generates masking sounds that protect a conversation from being audibly recorded or overheard by anyone not in the immediate vicinity.
Credits 1400

Anyone who goes hungry for three days will be inclined to steal. --Korean Proverb

Chung Dae-Ho is a man who lost everything. Twice. And is determined to get it, and more, back.

Before The Fall, Dae-Ho was the CEO of a courier microcorp that specialized in transporting rare or unique goods or individuals unwilling to be egocast throughout the inner system, most of it legal. The margins may have been razor thin, but the freedom of having your own small fleet and influential customers was Dae-Ho's first real step up the ladder into the ultraelite. The Fall changed all that in mere days. As Chung watched the destruction of Earth from Prosperity Alpha, the lunar habitat his corporation was based out of was suddenly opened to vacuum by a TITAN program. Dae-Ho was one of the few who were able to be egocast to the Saturnian moon, Dione as every bot and automated system began to hunt down and slaughter any humans they found in Prosperity.

Dae-Ho found himself an infugee with no access to his capital and no ability to find any surviving associates interested in giving him a hand. It seemed an eternity before he found his one chance at reincorporation and a semblance of the life he used to live. One of his courier ships had survived The Fall, but was now impounded on Callisto, currently undergoing a military coup. Dae-Ho arranged for a daring escape plan for several of the most influential (and wealthy) citizens to escape on his ship before the Jovian Junta could arrest them. The plan almost worked. Despite several damaging hits, the ship escaped the pursuing cruisers and disappeared into deep space.

Never to be seen again.

Dae-Ho woke up in a ramshackle apartment with no memories beyond escaping the Jovians. Upon awakening, his Muse played a prerecorded message briefly explaining how Firewall had recovered his corpse from the debris field that was once his last ship. His memories, he was informed, were deleted to protect him from reliving the horrific details of his death -- though hazy images still come to his mind, despite Firewall's efforts. With the creds and a new morph provided by Firewall, Dae-Ho plans on getting back on top once again... and having friends as powerful as Firewall seems to be can't hurt -- especially if they give him the opportunity to strike back at those who have done him wrong.

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