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Dr. Ernest Wagner

Name Ernest Wagner Player Aaron

Occupation Archaeologist Drive Thirst for Knowledge
Occupational Benefits
Occupational Benefits: Using Archaeology or any suitable Interpersonal ability, you have access to museum storage or are allowed to handle artifacts. If you have academic credentials (Archaeology rating of 2+ and Credit Rating 3+) you can get access to closed stacks in libraries.

Health Stability Sanity
Total 8 9 7
Current 8 9 6

Investigative skills General skills
Skill Total Current Skill Total Current
Archaeology 4 4 Athletics 8 8
Languages 2 2 First Aid 8 8
Library Use 4 4 Riding 2 2
Occult 4 4 Preparedness 8 8
Evidence Collection 3 3 Sense Trouble 4 4
Credit Rating 5 5 Shadowing 7 7
History 3 3
Astronomy 2 2
Law 2 2
Occult 3 3
Sources of Stability
Jenny Wilkins: Wagner's divorced wife. Despite everything, she Wagner still love her, and they have a close relationship.
Dr. Arnold Nayzbe: One of the few associates from Wagner's archaeology career who remains friends with him.
Pillars of Sanity
Mankind is essentially good
The wisdom of the ancients should be preserved

Background: Ernest Wagner was always a curious child, seeking to understand the world and uncover the vestiges of our past. He became an archeologist, thrilled to travel the world, cataloging, digging, and writing papers. However, one particular site changed him for ever. Ernest Wagner stumbled upon an ancient tome, bound in a leather that looked frighteningly similar to skin, written in an ominous and undecipherable script. The book itself felt as if it was sentient, peering into Ernest's soul, amused at the confusion it witnessed.

Ever since then, Ernest has made it his sole pursuit in life to make sense of the tome. The archaeologist has begun travelling the world on any trace of something similar to the script he found. The obsession has become draining on his marriage - resulting in divorce. At times when all is quite, and he is alone with the artifact, Ernest swears he hears it whispering.

He has become increasingly less interested in the academic, and orderly aspects of his profession - and more open to notions of the arcane, and pseudo-scientific.

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