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Dr. Evelyn Malley

Name Dr. Evelyn Malley Player Beau

Occupation Doctor Drive Sudden Shock
Occupational Benefits
You have access to medical records and hospital wards that the rest of the public doesn’t by using Medicine or Reassurance. At Lenox Hill Hospital, you can use Reassurance to talk your way into any part of the facility. You restore 3 Health points rather than 2 for each point of First Aid you spend to heal others. You get 2 Health points rather than 1 for each point of First Aid you spend to heal yourself. You can spend 1 First Aid point rather than 2 to stabilize a seriously wounded victim.

Health Stability Sanity
Total 12 10 8
Current 12 7 8

Investigative skills General skills
Skill Total Current Skill Total Current
Anthropology 1 1 Athletics 2 2
Architecture 1 1 Conceal 1 1
Biology 2 2 Driving 4 4
Languages 2 2 Filch 2 2
Law 1 1 Firearms 2 2
Library Use 1 1 First Aid 12 12
Medicine 4 4 Fleeing 8 8
Assess Honesty 2 2 Mechanical Repair 2 2
Bureaucracy 1 1 Psychoanalysis 6 6
Credit Rating 4 4 Scuffling 4 4
Interrogation 1 1 Sense Trouble 6 6
Reassurance 4 4 Stealth 1 1
Chemistry 1 1
Forensics 2 1
Pharmacy 2 2

Sources of Stability
Jeffery Malley, your ex-husband
Dr. Hastings, a fellow specialist at Lenox Hill
Dr. Peter Trubino, your father, now retired in Rochester, New York
Pillars of Sanity
Medicine will eventually advance to the point to give everyone equal (physical) standing at birth.
One day I will achieve enough to be at peace.

Background: It was never your plan to get married. It was never your plan to get pregnant. You always wanted to focus on your career. Medical school had such a cost in time, money, and social investment that you weren’t going to give that up easily. But then you met — and married — Jeffery. And then you had Matthew. And you thought life had thrown your plans aside — had something else in store for you. But something was wrong with Matthew’s body. He had a growth on his lung. He couldn’t breathe like other newborns. He died after three weeks. So you went back to Lenox Hill Hospital — this time as a specialist rather than as a general practitioner. Your desire to understand what happened to Matthew drove your research into birth defects, disfigurements, and other physical oddities. Somewhere along the way you lost your connection to Jeffery, too, and he filed for divorce. Maybe it’s for the best. There’s more to life, to the physical structure of the living, than a husband and kids and the normal things. There is the odd, the strange, and your work.

Personality: There used to be a lot more to your life: dancing on weekends, handcrafting jewelry, seaside vacations. You used to balance your career with hobbies and relaxation. But it’s hard to think those are important anymore. It’s hard to engage in those things without a rush of memories about the family you had. Without your work, you get sad and depressed. When you’re focusing on the research or examining a new patient, that’s when you feel alive and exhilarated. That’s when you feel like your life has purpose. So why not embrace it? Why not just fall into the work and let it carry you through?

Connection: Dr. Evelyn Malley's investigation into Winston pharmaceuticals' failed cancer treatment was a blackspot (albeit a very small one) on the company's reputation. Upon the death of Winston, his daughter requested Dr. Malley knowing that she would not refrain from finding the truth, even at the risk of damage to the Winston name.

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