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Gavin Locke - Ultimate Merc

Background: Lunar colonist
Faction: Ultimate
Morph: Remade
Motivations: +Immortality +Individualism +Personal Development


Morph bonus



secondary stats


7 (8)
  1 (2)

Ranged weapons

Firearms Armour
Damage firing 
Rail Gun SMG -5 2D10+5 SA, BF, FA 20
Ammo: 100 Rounds regular, 100 rounds AP
Special: AP ammo does -5 AP -2 DV

Melee weapons

Melee weapon Armour
Vibroblade –2 2d10 + 2
Special: These buzzing electronic blades vibrate at a high frequency for extra cutting ability. This has little extra effect when stabbing or slashing, but provides an extra –3 AP and +2d10 damage when carefully sawing through something.


Armour Kinetic Energy
Heavy body armour 16 13
Special: Refractive Glazing (added)


Rep #
c-rep 50

Ego traits

Ego traits Description
Brave  This character does not scare easily and will face threats, intimidation, and certain bodily harm without flinching. As a side effect, the character is not always the best at gauging risks, especially when it comes to factoring in danger to others. The char­acter receives a +10 modifier on all tests to resist fear or intimidation.

Morph traits

Ego traits Description
Uncanny valley  There is a point where synthetic human looks become uncannily realistic and human-seeming, but they remain just different enough that their looks seem creepy or even repulsive—a phenomenon called the “uncanny valley.” Morphs whose looks fall into this range suffer a –10 modifier on social skill tests when dealing with humans. This modifier does not apply to interactions with xeno­morphs or those with the infolife or uplift backgrounds.


Skill  Aptitude  Base   Morph
Academics: Military Science COG 60 10 70
User: karlkrlarsson

Academics: Philosophy COG 60 10 70
Beam Weapons COO 60 5 65
Climbing SOM 35 10 45
Clubs SOM 50 10 60
Fray REF 65 5 70
Free Fall REF 50 5 55
Freerunning SOM 45 10 55
Gunnery INT 45 45
Hardware: Armorer COG 50 60
Infiltration COO 50 5 55
Interests: Literature COG 50 10 60
Interests: Military History COG 55 10 65
Intimidation SAV 35 5 40
Kinetic Weapons COO 60 5 65
Language: Native Turkish INT 80 80
Language: English INT 60 60
Language: German INT 45 45
Medicine: Paramedic COG 40 10 50
Networking: Hypercorps SAV 50 5 55
Perception INT 50 50
Pilot: Groundcraft REF 30 5 35
Profession: Military Ops COG 55 10 65
Profession: Security Ops COG 50 10 60
Profession: Squad Logistics COG 55 10 65
Seeker Weapons COO 60 5 65
Spray Weapons COO 35 5 40
Scrounging INT 25 5 30
Throwing Weapons COO 40 5 45
Unarmed Combat SOM 60 10 70


Name Effect
Basic Biomods  Almost universal in biomorphs, many habitats will not allow individuals to visit/immigrate if their bio-morph does not possess these biomods in order to preserve public health. Basic biomods consists of a series of genetic tweaks, tailored viruses, and bacteria that speed healing, greatly increase disease resistance, and impede aging. A morph with basic biomods heals twice as fast as an early 21st century human, gradually regrows lost body parts, is immune to all normal diseases (from cancer to the flu), and is largely immune to aging. In addition, the morph requires no more than 3–4 hours of sleep per night, is immune to ill effects from long-term exposure to low or zero gravity, and does not naturally suffer from biological problems like depression, shock reactions after being injured, or allergies.
Toxin Filters  The morph gains an improved liver and kidneys and biological filters in its lungs. Characters with this augmentationare immune to all chemical and biological toxins, including everything from recreational chemicals to nerve agents to spoiled food. In addition, the character can safely and com­fortably breathe smoke and drink salt water. Unlike medichines, toxin immunity prevents the character from experiencing even brief harm or discomfort from a toxin (medichines merely rapidly repair damage caused by the toxin and then remove it from the morph). This augmentation provides no resistance to concentrated acid, nanotechnological attacks, or similar destructive agents. Some characters with this augmentation learn to enjoy the taste of various chemical toxins like cyanide or arsenic .
Basic Mesh Inserts  Includes:
• Cranial Computer: This computer serves as the hub for the character's personal area network and is home to their muse (p. 264). It has all of the functions of a smartphone and PDA, acting as a media player, meshbrowser, alarm clock/calendar, positioning and map system, address book, advanced calculator, file storage system, search engine, social networking client, messaging program, and note pad. It manages the user's augmented reality input and can run any software the character desires (see Software, p. 331). It also processes XP data, allowing the user to experience other people's recorded memories, and also allowing the user to share their own XP sensory input with others in real-time. Facial/image recognition and encryption software (p. 331) are included by default. 
• Radio Transceiver: This transceiver connects the user to the mesh and other characters/devices within range. It has an effective range of 20 kilometers in deep space or other locations far from radio interference and 1 kilometer in crowded habitats. 
• Medical Sensors: This array of implants monitors the user's medical status, including heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, temperature, neural activity, and much more. A sophisticated medical diagnostic system interprets the data and warns the user of any concerns or dangers.
Temperature Tolerance  The morph’s temperature regulation and circulation are both substantially enhanced allowing the character to survive in tempera­tures as low as –30 degrees Celsius and as high as 60 degrees Celsius without discomfort or ill effects.
Cortical Stack  A cortical stack is a tiny cyberware data storage unit protected within a synthdiamond case the size of a grape, implanted at the base of the skull where the brain stem and spinal cord connect. It contains a digital backup of that character's ego. Part nanoware, the implant maintains a network of nanobots that monitor synaptic connections and brain architecture, noting any changes and updating the ego backup in real time, right up to the moment of death. If the character dies, the cortical stack can be recovered and they may be restored from the backup (see Resleeving, p. 270).  Cortical stacks do not have external or wireless access (for security), they must be surgically removed (see Retrieving a Cortical Stack, p. 268). Cortical stacks are extremely durable, requiring special effort to damage or destroy. They are commonly recovered from bodies that have otherwise been pulped or mangled. Cortical stacks are intentionally isolated from mesh inserts and other implants, as a security measure to prevent hacking or external tampering.
Neurachem (Level 1)  This bioware modification enhances the character’s chemical synapses and juices their neurotransmitters, drastically speeding up neural connections. Neurachem can be mentally activated or triggered by charged emotions. Level 1 neurachem increases the Speed stat by +1, with no side effect. Level 2 raises the Speed stat by +2, but the character suffers a nervous system fatigue hangover for 1 hour after the boost wears off (–20 modifier to all actions). The speed boost lasts for 30 minutes, though it may be triggered again. Level 2 may be used as Level 1 if desired.
Enhanced Vision  The morph's eyes have tetrachro-matic vision capable of exceptional color differen-tiation. These eyes can also see the electromagnetic spectrum from terahertz wave frequencies to gamma rays, enabling them to see a total of several dozen colors, instead of the seven ordinary human eyes can perceive. In addition, these eyes have a variable focus equivalent to 5 power magnifiers or binoculars. This augmentation provides a +20 modifier to all Perception Tests involving vision. For further applica-tions, see Using Enhanced Senses, p. 302.
Grip Pads  The morph possesses specialized pads on its palms, lower arms, shins, and the bottoms of its feet. Designed to emulate the pads on gecko feet, characters can support themselves on a wall or ceiling by placing any two of these pads against any surface not made from a material specially designed to resist this augmentation. Characters can climb any surface and move easily across ceilings that can support their weight. Apply a +30 modifier to Climbing Tests. The pads must be free to touch the surface the character is climbing (no gloves). The nature of these pads is obvious to anyone looking at them, but they do not impair the character's sense of touch or manual dexterity. If combined with the vacuum sealing augmentation, the character can even stick to surfaces in the vacuum of space.
Hand Laser  The morph has a weapon-grade laser implanted in its forearm, with a flexible waveguide leading to a lens located between the first two knuck­les on the morph’s dominant hand. The laser fires from this waveguide, inflicting 2d10 damage with 0 AP. The laser is powered by a small nuclear battery located in the morph’s torso, good for 50 shots before it must be recharged like other beam weapon batteries (p. 339).
Medichines  This is the most common form of nanoware. These nanobots monitor the user’s body at a cellular level and fix any problems that arise.
Medichines eliminate most diseases, drugs, and toxins (but not nanodrugs or nanotoxins) before they can do more than minor harm to the host (see Drug Effects, p. 318). If desired, the user can tempo­rarily override this protection to permit intoxication or other effects, but unless the character activates a second specially labeled override, medichines prevent the toxins from accumulating to lethal or permanently harmful levels. In this case, they can also be activated at a later point to reduce a drug or toxin’s remaining duration by half.
Medichines allow the character to ignore the effects of 1 wound. They also speed normal healing as noted under see Biomorph Healing, p. 208. If the user suffers 5 or more wounds at once, or more than 6 wounds in an hour, the damage has exceeded the med­ichines’ ability to repair. In this case, the medichines place the character into a medical stasis, where their mind and body are perfectly preserved, but where the character cannot act in any way. Under these circum­stances the medichines also send out a priority call for emergency services via the character’s mesh inserts.
Medichines for synthmorphs and bots consist of nanobots that monitor and repair the shell’s integrity and internal system functions. Note that the synthmorph version of medichines allows the synthmorph to self-repair in the same manner by which a biomorph with medichines would naturally heal (p. 208).
Enhanced Respiration  By boosting both lung effi­ciency and the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity, the character can live comfortably in both high and low pressure environments, from 0.2 atmospheres to 5 atmospheres, with no dizziness or need for gradual decompression. In addition, the character can hold their breath for up to 30 minutes when performing minimal activity or for up to 10 minutes while per­forming highly strenuous activity.
Eidetic Memory   The character can remember everything that ever happened to them, in detail, with no long term memory loss. For example, they can recite a page they read in a book a month ago, recall a string of 200 random characters they viewed a year ago, or even tell you what they had for breakfast on a particular date a decade ago. However, they can only remember things to which they paid attention. The character will not remember the contents of a note on someone’s desk if they merely glanced at it; they must specifically have read it. No effort is required to use this augmentation, the character merely needs to attempt to remember a specific fact.
Clean Metabolism  The morph’s symbiotic bacteria, gut flora, and glands have been genetically engineered to keep the morph “clean.” The morph also produces smart antibiotics that prevent the growth of any bacteria or yeasts in it or on its skin. As a result, the morph is completely immune to infections, dental cav­ities, and bad breath, its sweat has no scent, and the morph’s efficient digestion produces somewhat less solid waste and less odorous chemicals.
Circadian Regulation  The morph only requires 2 hours of sleep to maintain health and function at peak mental capacity. The character dreams constantly while asleep and can both fall asleep and wake up almost instantly. In addition, the character can easily and with no ill-effects shift to a 2-day cycle, where they are awake for 44 hours and sleep for 4.
T-Ray Emitter  Mounted under the skin of the user's forehead, this implant generates low-powered beams of terahertz radiation (T-rays) that allow the character to see using reflected T-rays. As discussed in Using Enhanced Senses, p. 302, this implant combined with the enhanced vision enhancement (or a terahertz sensor) allows the user to effectively see through cloth, plastic, wood, masonry, composites, and ceramics as well as being able to determine the composition of various materials. This implant allows the user to see using reflected T-rays for 20 meters in a normal atmo-sphere and for 100 meters in vacuum


Gear Effect 
Backup Insurance (1 month)  In the event of verifiable death, or after a set period of being missing, backup insurance will arrange for your cortical stack to be retrieved and your ego downloaded into another morph. If the cortical stack cannot be retrieved, your most recent backup is used. Most policies require that the holder provide a backup to be uploaded into secure storage at least twice a year. This industry works in a manner similar to insurance underwrit-ing in terms of cost and individuals engaged in high risk professions can expect to pay a premium for the service. Additionally, attempts to retrieve a cortical stack are minimal unless one wants to pay for some extra effort (a thriving industry of paramilitary ego-repo operatives exists for this purpose).
HE Grenades (10) High-explosive seekers and gre­nades are designed to create a very destructive shock and heat wave. This damage is resisted with energy armor. DV: 3D10+10
Muse Muses are digital entities that have been designed as personal assistants and lifelong com­panions for transhumans (see AIs and Muses, p. 264). INT 20. Skills: Academics: Psychology 60, Hardware: Electronics 30, Infosec 30, Interface 40, Professional: Accounting 60, Programming 20, Research 30, Perception 30, plus three other Knowledge skills at 40.
Particle Beam Bolter This weapon shoots a bolt of accelerated particles at near light speed that transfer massive amounts of kinetic energy to the target, super­heating and creating an explosion when striking. The bolter’s beam is not diffused by the cloud that occurs when it strikes, and so it has greater penetration than the laser pulser. Likewise, the bolter is not affected by smoke, fog, or rain. The bolter’s beam is invisible (but visible in infrared). Bolters must be set for either atmospheric or exoatmospheric (vacuum) operation and will not func­tion in the opposite environment, though it only takes a Complex Action to switch. Bolters fire in semi-auto mode and are rifle-sized two-handed weapons.
Tactical Network Software These programs allow people in the same squad to share tactical data in real-time. See Tactical Networks, p. 205.
Credits 4450

You are a warrior-philosopher, embracing an ascetic lifestyle for your own personal growth. You decry the hedonism and greed of the inner system and the collectivism and anarchy of the autonomists, but you’re more than willing to take their pay so that they may kill each other. You follow your own path, however, and when you cease to learn from an experience or increase your own personal capabilities you will move on to the next.

You mostly find employment in the inner system, where various social cliques and hypercorps favor ultimates like yourself, knowing they are less likely to be tempted or subverted by rivals. In the end it doesn’t matter who pays the credit; you’ll take from them, learn from them, and be here long after they’ve destroyed themselves with their petty intrigues and flawed ideologies.

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