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Geek IF Club

Welcome to the Geek Interactive Fiction Club! This club is free to join - has the
benefit of being chock full of awesome people and comes with an ultra cool free
microbadge. The club is for people who enjoy interactive fiction games. If you played
classics like Zork I or The Hitchhiker's Guide when you were young or, more recently,
games like Gaucho - An Interactive Geek Western or Geist - An Interactive Geek Horror
then you will find this club right up your alley. If you have no previous experience
playing interactive fiction games then this is a perfect time to start! The games are
generally text-based where you interact with the story by typing commands to the game.
They leave off fancy graphics and provide fertile ground for your mind to imagine
being part of the adventure.

The club uses a Geek Guild and new members are welcome. We discuss all sorts of games,
play "group games" (helping each other with hints, etc.) and generally enjoy all things
related to Interactive Fiction (IF). The guild provides a nice friendly place for all
to discuss anything from recommended games to advice or discussions on writing Interactive
Fiction. You can participate at your own pace - but we would love to have you aboard!

To join the Club, simply join the Geek Interactive Fiction Club Guild.

Request the free mb - Geek Interactive Fiction Club micro by sending a geekmail to Stelio

Previous IF Games of the Month

IF Game
Group Game : Adventurer's Consumer Guide
Geek Interactive Fiction Club : Spider & Web
Geek Interactive Fiction Club : Six
Geek Interactive Fiction Club : Pytho's Mask
Geek Interactive Fiction Club : Lock & Key
Geek Interactive Fiction Club : Violet
Geek Interactive Fiction Club : Winter Wonderland
Geek Interactive Fiction Club : Slouching Towards Bedlam
Geek Interactive Fiction Club : Suveh Nux
Geek Interactive Fiction Club : Lost Pig!

Single Page Summary of how to play IF:
And the two most important commands not shown here: SAVE and RESTORE

Recommended Interpreters:

WinFrotz (Windows only)
Zoom (Mac only)
For iOS, there is Frotz, and Twisty for Android.

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