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Kirbel the Junk Head

Ability Score Trauma
Name Kirbel Strength 4 1
Job Junk Head Calmness 4 0
Player Brent Smarts 5 0
Experience 0 Sensitivity 1 0

Mutation points X
Zone Rot / /

Has a constant scowl on his face. His body is big and pudgy, and he wears a bulging tactical vest

Skill Ability Total Bonus effects
Endure Strength 1 You can give successes to an ally. Even if it is your only one.
Feat of Strength Strength
Fight Strength 2 In addition to causing wounds, extra successes may:
  • One extra Wound
  • One point of stress
  • Opponent drops his weapon
  • The opponent is knocked back
  • Grapple. The opponent must succeed in a fight roll against you before he can take other actions.
Sneak Calmness 1 Every additional success gives +1 to your first attack against an unaware target
Flee Calmness
Shoot Calmness
Scout Smarts
Figure out Smarts 3
Zone knowledge Smarts 1 When you are aware of a threat you may roll to understand what it is, every additional success may reveal one of the following
    • How can it harm me?
    • How can I harm it?
Expose intent Sensitivity
Manipulate Sensitivity
Heal Sensitivity
Tinker Smarts 2 Invent: A success creates a one-use item. Extra successes may add the following depending on the type of item.
  • Higher item bonus
  • Make it durable
  • Increased damage
  • Extra barrels
  • Extra armour
  • Increased blast range
  • Increased passenger capacity

Repair: May restore the bonus of damaged items.

Finna the Dog Handler Lin the Slave Silas the Chronicler Otiak the Bruiser
I think they ... is cool and capable. Good to have around. ... is useful but slow. Better. Explain. Everything. ... is creepy and can’t be trusted. ... is dangerous. Don’t turn my back.
They think I ...thinks you can be handy to get stuff fixed, worth having around ... knows you are her owner. Your will is her law. For now. ... thinks I am destined for death. And that it is only a matter of time. ... knows you fought by his side

2 Bullets
0 rations of grub
a bicycle chain (Bonus: +1; Damage; 1; Range: Engaged)
3 rations of water
a hunting rifle (artifact) (Bonus: +2; Damage; 2; Range: Long; Clip: no need to reload)
Warm winter coat (+1 Gear bonus against bad weather)

Mutation Effect
  • Breath under water for several minutes (1 MP). You swim fast and easy like a fish
  • Absorb damage with your scaly. Ever MP spent removes one wound. (X MP)
  • Bite an enemy within engaged range with your razoe sharp teeth. 1 damage per MP spent (X MP)

Talents Effect
Repair Man +2 to tinker when repairing

I hate
The Bruiser Elon, who bullied me when I was little.
I want to protect
The Slave Eriel, who really is kind of cute in her own way.
My Big Dream is
To find a way to make everyone in the Ark dependent on you.
My den is
He has his own place within the Ark. It's not much more than a closet, but he doesn't feel secure sleeping around others.
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