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Lin the Slave

Ability Score Trauma
Name Lin Strength 4 1
Job Slave Calmness 5 1
Player Schizoid Smarts 1 0
Experience 0 Sensitivity 4 0

Mutation points X X X
Zone Rot / / /

A deformed and hairless face. her body is skinny, and she is wearing a torn t-shirt and dirty shorts.

Skill Ability Total Bonus effects
Endure Strength 3 You can give successes to an ally. Even if it is your only one.
Feat of Strength Strength
Fight Strength
Sneak Calmness 1 Every additional success gives +1 to your first attack against an unaware target
Flee Calmness 1 You can give successes to an ally. Even if it is your only one.
Shoot Calmness
Scout Smarts
Figure out Smarts 3
Zone knowledge Smarts
Expose intent Sensitivity
Manipulate Sensitivity
Heal Sensitivity
Withstand Calmness 2 Each success negates a point of trauma. May not be used to avoid trauma from pushing yourself.

Kirbel the Junk Head Finna the Dog Handler Silas the Chronicler Otiak the Bruiser
I think they ... is my owner. His will is my law. For now. ... is okay, but I'm afraid of her dog. ...once whispered to me that he knows a way to make me free. ... is violent towards me, when he is in a bad mood.
They think I ...thinks I am useful but slow. Better. Explain. Everything. .. thinks I am a decent chap, and should have got a better life. ... thinks I shouldn't be a slave, and wants to find the evidence to prove it ... remembers when he gave me one on the mouth, but I remained standing

A blanket (+2 gear dice to Endure Cold)
2 rations of grubb
a sling (Bonus: +1; Damage; 1; Range: short; Home made)
1 rations of water

Mutation Effect
Human Magnet
  • Push or pull a metal object within short range, no heavier than yourself (1 MP)
  • Throw small pieces of metal at an enemy at short range. Damage is equal to MP used. Armour protects (X MP)
  • Repell bullets and other metals weapons that is about to hurt you. Each MP spent removes an opponents success (X MP)

Talents Effect
Robust +2 to withstand wounds

I hate
The Fixer Milix, who promised me freedom, but betrayed me.
I want to protect
The Slave Eriel, we on the bottom need to stick together.
My Big Dream is
To flee the drudgery of the Ark, and find a better life.
My den is

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