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List of Fifth Age cards

DragonLance: Fifth Age Dramatic Adventure Game and Fate Deck both contain 18 character cards:

  • Belladonna
  • Brimstone Steelhammer
  • Caramon Majere
  • Firemane
  • Goldmoon
  • Horn Ra-Kar
  • Ironhawk
  • Laurana
  • Moonsong
  • Palin Majere
  • Porthios
  • Roselenna
  • Severus Stonehand
  • Speaker Gilthas
  • Spinner
  • The Shadow Sorcerer
  • Tika Waylan Majere
  • Tuffy

DragonLance: Fifth Age Dramatic Adventure Game and Fate Deck both contains an 82-card Fate Deck:

  • Ackal Ergot
  • Alhana Starbreeze
  • Astinus of Palanthas
  • Bakaris
  • Belladonna
  • Bertrem the Aesthetic
  • Beryllinthranox
  • Blister Nimblefingers
  • Bupu
  • Caramon Majere
  • Chot Es-Kalin
  • Crysania
  • Dalamar the Dark
  • Derkin Lawgiver
  • Dhamon Grimwulf
  • Dougan Redhammer
  • Emperor Ariakas
  • Ferilleeagh Dawnsprinter
  • Fewmaster Toede
  • Fistandantilus
  • Fizban the Fabulous
  • Flint Fireforge
  • Gargath
  • Gellidus
  • Gildentongue
  • Gilthanas
  • Goldmoon
  • Groller Dagmar
  • Guntar uth Wistan
  • Highbulp Phudge I
  • Highlord Verminaard
  • Huma Dragonbane
  • Iyesta
  • Jasper Fireforge
  • Jendaron
  • Justarius
  • Kaz the Minotaur
  • Kharas
  • Khellendros
  • Kith-Kanan
  • Kitiara uth Matar
  • Laurana
  • Linsha Majere
  • Lorac Caladon
  • Lord Ariakan
  • Lord Soth
  • Magius
  • Malystryx
  • Maquesta Kar-Thon
  • Milgas Kadwar
  • Mirielle Abrena
  • Moonsong
  • Onysablet
  • Otik Sandath
  • Palin Majere
  • Par-Salian
  • Porthios
  • Raistlin Majere
  • Rennard the Oathbreaker
  • Rig Mer-Krel
  • Riverwind
  • Sara Dunstan
  • Seeker Hederick
  • Severus Stonehand
  • Shatraklangg
  • Silver Claw
  • Sir Liam Ehrling
  • Solomirathnius
  • Speaker Gilthas
  • Steel Brightblade
  • Sturm Brightblade
  • Suhnrysanti
  • Tanis Half-Elven
  • Tasslehoff Burrfoot
  • Teranyex
  • The Kingpriest
  • The Shadow Sorcerer
  • Theros Ironfeld
  • Tika Waylan Majere
  • Usha Majere
  • Verash
  • Vinas Solamnus
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