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More About Games for Geekgold


Games for Geekgold or G4GG is a place where users:

  • may put up items for auction to gain Geekgold
  • may spend Geekgold on an item for a chance to win the item

Unlike auctions, G4GG is more of a weighted lottery or raffle. Losing bidders do not recoup their bids. The winning bidder might have only submit the minimum allowed bid (typically 1 Geekgold) even though other users had bid 100 times as much Geekgold.

Each month a Geeklist of items for raffle is created. A list of G4GG raffles (listed on a month-by-month basis) is found here: Games for Geekgold Subscription list

An on-going discussion of G4GG topics is found here: Games for Geekgold Banter and discussion thread

Process for Bidding

Anyone can bid on a G4GG item by tipping the individual geeklist item. The item lister will specify whether it is a simple 1gg=1 entry for any amount of tips, or whether 5gg=6 entries, a popular variation. Bidders should pay attention to shipping restrictions and the exact item being offered to ensure there are no problems at drawing. Ideally bidders will subscribe to any geeklist item on which they bid to keep track of any changes and the final drawing. There is no limit to the number of items that anyone can bid on except their own supply of Geekgold.

Process for Submitting an Item

Detailed guidelines are posted at the beginning of each month's G4GG raffle -- please read them before listing an item as they can change from month to month. Here are some of the basic guidelines:

  1. New users must get their listing approved BEFORE listing it.
  2. If you list it, you draw it; if you draw it, you ship it.
  3. State the drawing date and keep to it.
  4. Restrictions on shipping, etc, are fine as long as you state it clearly in the listing.
  5. You can post board games, video games, RPGs, and related items. You cannot make a raffle entry for Geekgold or something completely unrelated to games, although these types of items can be added as bonus or as secondary winners. You can list gift cards as long as they are for a games-related store. A Paypal payment in lieu of an online store is permitted if the winner cannot easily obtain the game from an online store.
  6. The drawing must be done in accordance with selection tool listed. As of the February 2013 listings (Games for Geekgold (G4GG) -February 2013 - Stoned in Love!), the official selection tool that must be used for drawing winners is Scraimer's Tool.

Information on using the various draw methods are included in each month's G4GG main listing.


BoardGameGeek, RPGGeek, and VideoGameGeek collectively and individually represent international forums. It is important to consider shipping physical goods overseas when raffling items. The person posting an item should clearly explain the shipping policy.

General trends for shipping:

  • free shipping to US only; free shipping to EU only; other geographical limitations (generally implies no shipping outside of the noted areas)
  • free shipping within the US, winning bidder pays for shipping outside the US; other geographical limitations
  • free shipping anywhere, but shipping above a specified cost must be covered by the winning bidder; other shipping cost limitations
  • winning bidder pays for shipping entirely

If you have any questions about the Games for Geekgold process that aren't answered here or by checking out the current month's Games for Geekgold Geeklist, you should geekmail Games 4 GeekGold

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