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I have a feeling the Quickbar has been turned off as the default for new users (I know the developers complain it's difficult to maintain in code) but it really is one of the most useful features of RPG Geek and so we're going to talk about it! ;)

The Quickbar is a little bookmark tab that sits up on top menu area of RPG Geek. You can see a picture of what mine looks like here:

User: wavemotion

It's basically a user set of 10 banks of 10 HTML links which allows you to bookmark various aspects of this site. Handy for linking commonly used wiki pages, threads you want to peek in on (but maybe don't want to subscribe directly to), etc.

First, you need to turn on Quickbar if it isn't already. You do this by selecting My Geek->Account and look under the "Edit Layout" options. Here you can turn on or off the Quickbar. Once the quickbar is turned on, you will see 10 little [+] plus signs up on your menu area. You can click any one of those when you're on any page here at the 'Geek and bookmark it (and give it your own name). You can edit your links anytime.

This feature works much the same as bookmarks do in a browser - only they are saved with your account so no matter where you log in they will appear. I've found it a very handy shortcut for navigating aspects of this site!

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