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Mutant Year Zero

The Ark is in a large cavernous underground subway station. While some areas are collapsed, it is still large enough for the People to live in. The best areas to live in his in one of the two trains on the station, or in one of the control or maintenance rooms connected to the station. Most of the people sleep on the platforms, those that have fallen out of favor, or wants to be left alone, sleep in the tunnels on the tracks.

Two metals stairs, broken escalators, connect the Ark to the surface. There is a second, larger exit, but it has collapsed completely. It is also possible to go underground through the tunnels, and while there is talk about other stations, exploration has so far only led to dead ends.

There is a lower level below the station, a huge cavern which purpose is not clear to the People. The cave is filled with water, creating a large lake of clean water. Getting it up to the Ark is hard work, but it is the only clean water supply the People has found. The Junk Head Kirbel has made some rain water collectors, but they do not supply enough clean water, and many doesn't trust them yet.


Mutants in the Ark: 197

Grub 2
The fight for grub in the Ark is desperate. You only have your soon depleted stock of canned food, and a few planets and animals the Zone Wanders bring back to live on. A ration of grub costs a bullet.

Culture 3
Except for the chroniclers, the entire people is illiterate. They also lack any cultural expressions outside telling stories by a burning barrel.

Technology 5
Except for junk heads, the People know nothing about technology. What the Old One taught is mostly forgotten. Most artifacts are ill understood.

Defence 2
Except for a few simple barricades, the Ark is completely defenceless. Battle Strength 1.

Important NPCs

The Old One lives in what used to be the control room of the station. Ruined screens fill the room, and it also has the most comfortable chairs.

The Boss Johammed was since a very young age the Old One's helper, in his absence he now run things. Many feel he rules to hard, and without listening to others; that he is becoming a despot. Questioning his orders can lead to a violent reaction.

Marlotte is in opposition to Johammed. She preaches a new order, and many are listening, but few seems to be able to pin down exactly what her opinions are. It is part religion, part politics. It is a movement yet to be defined.

The Boss Vikton is a big man with big ideas, he wants the Ark to grow, and he thinks he is the man to do it. Sadly the ideas or too many, and he is more interested in starting projects than finishing them. Still, he has a following of mutants eager to be swept up by his enthusiasm.

Henkri lives close to Silas.

Basic rules

Rolling the dice

When doing skill rolls, there are three types of die
• Ability dice
• Skill dice
• Equipment dice

Finna has Strength 3, fighting 1 and a +1 knife attacks someone, she would roll 5 dice.

The dice are not added together. You are looking at individual results.

A roll of six is a success. You need only one success to succeed in your action, but more sixes usually mean a better success.

On the Ability dice and Equipment dice, a roll of 1 is a Hazard. They have no effect unless you Push Yourself. There is no Hazard on the Skill dice.

Pushing Yourself
You may re-roll the dice one time, but you have to leave the dice showing Hazard or Success. When you Push Yourself, the Hazard result has effect.

A Hazard on the equipment dice means the item has been damaged, and the bonus reduced. It may be repaired.

A Hazard on the ability dice means your system is overwhelmed and mutant power surges through you. You get
• One Mutant Point for every Hazard
• One point of trauma for every Hazard to the Ability you just rolled.

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