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Otiak the Bruiser

Ability Score Trauma
Name Otiak Strength 5 1
Job Bruiser Calmness 1 0
Player Philip Smarts 4 0
Experience 0 Sensitivity 4 0

Mutation points X X X
Zone Rot / / / / /

His jaw is made of metal. His body is abnormally large and he wears an outfit of hubcaps and corrugated iron.

Skill Ability Total Bonus effects
Endure Strength 2 You can give successes to an ally. Even if it is your only one.
Feat of Strength Strength 3
Fight Strength 2 In addition to causing wounds, extra successes may:
  • One extra Wound
  • One point of stress
  • Opponent drops his weapon
  • The opponent is knocked back
  • Grapple. The opponent must succeed in a fight roll against you before he can take other actions.
Sneak Calmness
Flee Calmness
Shoot Calmness
Scout Smarts
Figure out Smarts
Zone knowledge Smarts
Expose intent Sensitivity
Manipulate Sensitivity
Heal Sensitivity
Intimidiate Strength 3 If you succeed, the target must either attack you, or bow to your will. Every extra success gives the target a point of stress

Finna the Dog Handler Lin the Slave Silas the Chronicler Kirbel the Junk Head
I think they ... is wonderful. One day she'll be mine; just got to convince that damn dog of hers! ... got one on the mouth, but remained standing ... left me to die ... Fought by my side
They think I ... knows I am not liked by her dog. Therefore not by her. ... thinks I am violent towards her, when I am in a bad mood. ... thinks I don't know my own good, and needs to be saved. And that I was nowhere near dying that time ... knows I am dangerous. Doesn't turn his back

4 Bullets
0 rations of grub
a set of brass knuckles (Bonus: +1; Damage; 1; Range: Engaged; homemade; light)
1 rations of water
Tent (everyone inside gets +1 gear bonus against bad weather)
Warm winter coat (+1 Gear bonus against bad weather)
Shovel (+1 gear dice when working on a project in the ark)
Blanket (+2 Gear bonus against bad weather)
Metal-capped spiked hiking boots (+1 gear bonus when enduring in the Zone)

Mutation Effect
  • Every MP spent answers a question: Does he lie? Is he hiding something? What is he think about right now? (X MP)
  • Plant a simple thought in someone brain. They will think it is true (MP 1)
  • Create a mental short out in the targets brain. He gets a point of confusion for every MP spent (X MP)

Talents Effect
Kidney pounch Your unarmed attacks cause 2 damage instead of one.

I hate
The Bruiser Elon, the only one to ever defeat me in an honest fight
I want to protect
The Boss Marlotte, who supplies me with grub
My Big Dream is
That you one day may build something, rather than destroy.
My den is
Being known in the Ark as one of the tough guys who will do anything to get his way (Though, deep down he has a soft side); he gets the better living space as he bullies his way to it. He lives up towards the control room in one of the subway trains in the station.
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