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This page is intended to be a place where users can quickly note any outstanding data that is missing from the database. Other users can then fill in the blanks were possible. You can use this page to make any notes about RPGs that you do not have have enough information on to be able to add them to the database yourself. You can note down sites with downloadable content that needs to be added to the database, but that you don't have time to do yourself. Or if you have the time, you can use this page to find something new to add to the database yourself.

Try to keep this page up-to-date. If you are currently working on adding something from this list to the database, make a note here so that the work is not duplicated. If you have added something to the database that was listed here, please remove it. Thank you!

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Before submitting content, please be sure to have read the Guide to Data Entry. Thank you!


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On-line Sources of RPGs Missing from RPGGeek

RPG Website Notes
Name of the RPG, linking to
the [rpg] entry if one exists
URL of the website NOTES
This free repository of games has not been updated since 2016 it seems, but there are definitely games in it that are not yet added to RPGGeek. Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality
This very large bundle included many games on that are not in the database, tracked on the wiki page linked to the left.


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Periodicals with known missing issues

Magazine Current Website Notes
Name of the magazine, linking to the
[rpgperiodical] entry if one exists
URL of the magazine NOTES
Anduin (GERMAN)
NONE - it seems to have disappeared from the internet
Issues 1 to 60 were printed and not available online.
Jeu de RĂ´le Magazine (FRENCH)
Many issues still missing, only five entered but website shows 45 issues published. Still in publication.

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