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Share a Game

This initiative was conceived by stainlesssteelrat in the thread Share a Game for a Week. The idea is that a user that is knowledge about a particular game volunteers to discuss the game and answer any questions about that game for the period of a week.

The threads are not locked, so given the list below you can still ask questions in the relevant threads, although you are only guaranteed a quick response during the week in question.

Share a Game participants are also eligible for this exclusive microbadge: mb. You can see the owners of this badge at:

There is also a dedicated GeekList: Share a Game

Games that have been Shared

This table lists all games that have already been shared, along with links to the appropriate thread and noting who hosted the game and when it was shared. (Note date is Americanized - YYYY-MM-DD)

Date Thread Game User
2011-04-13 Share a Game: HōL HōL Stelio
2011-04-20 Share a Game: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (3rd Edition) WFRP 3rd ed cloudboy
2011-04-27 Share A Game: The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Pathfinder vestige
2011-05-04 Share A Game: Amber Diceless Roleplaying Amber downeymb
2011-05-11 Share A Game: Savage Worlds Savage Worlds Bazin
2011-05-18 Share a Game: A Game of Thrones (d20) Game of Thrones (d20) Stix_Remix
2011-05-25 Share A Game: Wushu Open Wushu Open cosine
2011-06-01 postponed to 27 July Fading Suns mwchapel
2011-06-08 Share A Game: Apocalypse World Apocalypse World lorddillon
2011-06-15 Share A Game: Champions 5th Edition Hero 5th ed sdonohue
2011-06-22 Share a Game: Ars Magica (5th edition) Ars Magica 5th ed nimdil
2011-06-29 Share a Game: Nobilis Nobilis Vaklam
2011-07-06 Share a Game: The Dresden Files RPG Dresden Files RPG bschoner
2011-07-13 Share a Game: Cold City and Hot War Cold City and Hot War Bazin
2011-07-20 Share a Game - Legend of the Five Rings Legend of the Five Rings Hida Mann
2011-07-27 postponed Fading Suns mwchapel
2011-08-03 Share a Game - Skyrealms of Jorune Skyrealms of Jorune lydon
2011-08-10 Share A Game - Trail of Cthulhu Trail of Cthulhu tutunaku
2011-08-17 Share A Game - Dungeons & Dragons (4th Edition) D&D 4th ed Stix_Remix
2011-08-24 Share a Game - Fudge Fudge sos1
2011-08-31 Share a Game - Dread Dread dysjunct
2011-09-07 Share a Game: Delta Green Delta Green cjbowser
2011-09-21 Share a Game: Serenity Role Playing Game Serenity RPG Astinex
2011-09-28 Share a Game: InSpectres InSpectres sbszine
2011-10-05 Share a Game: Maelstrom Maelstrom (Tabletop) PaulBaldowski
2011-10-17 Share A Game: Fiasco Fiasco jmstar
2011-10-26 Share A Game: Microscope Microscope Ben Robbins
2011-11-09 Share A Game: Over The Edge Over the Edge cosine
2011-11-16 Share A Game: Burning Wheel Revised Burning Wheel aramis
2011-11-23 Share a Game - Vampire: the Masquerade Vampire: The Masquerade Stelio
2011-11-30 Share A Game: Prime Directive 1E (Tricode System) Prime Directive 1st ed aramis
2011-12-07 Share a Game: Exalted 2nd Edition Exalted 2nd ed belirahc
2011-12-14 Share a Game - Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space Doctor Who: AiTaS Hida Mann
2012-05-03 Share a Game - Enter The Shadowside Enter the Shadowside FableForge
2012-06-14 Share a Game: Mongoose Traveller Mongoose Traveller pdunwin
2013-06-13 Share A Game: Kingdom Kingdom Ben Robbins
2013-06-19 Share-A-Game: Blood & Honor Blood & Honor aramis
2013-10-09 Share a Game: Summerland Summerland mixula
2014-01-10 SHARE A GAME: DSA 4.1 DSA4 originaldibbler, wusselpompf
2014-01-27 Share A Game: Hollow Earth Expedition Hollow Earth Expedition trevlix
2014-03-02 Share A Game: Edge of the Empire Edge of the Empire aramis

List of Volunteers

If you would like to volunteer to share a game for a week that has not already been covered above, please add yourself to the table below. You will be contacted at some point, typically a week in advance, to see if you are able to fill a slot in the schedule.

The number in brackets after each name shows how many times that user has hosted a thread.
S1ege (0)
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd Edition
Out of all the games in my collection, this is the one that I am most knowledgeable about, and have the most experience running/playing.
mixula (1)
Familiar with the Revised and Expanded Edition.
Stelio (2)
Lone Wolf Gamebooks, Lorien Trust LARP, Werewolf: The Apocalypse
Happy to fill in any gap in the schedule as required, and really don't mind if someone else picks any of the games I've listed.
cjbowser (1)
Call of Cthulhu, BRP, Mythic Russia, Pendragon, Victoriana, Mythras or Elfquest specifically, Ravenloft, Delta Green, For Coin and Blood
Open availability and really don't mind if someone else picks any of the games I've listed.
Vaklam (1)
Marvel Super Heroes (1985), Hong Kong Action Theater! (1st Edition), Changeling: The Dreaming, Mage: The Ascension, Scion, Hollowpoint
I don't mind if someone else picks any of the games I've listed.
cloudboy (1)
Fantasy Craft
I'm currently running Fantasy Craft. I have also played many indie RPGs, but those tend to be one-shots, so I may not be the best source of info (Kagematsu, Shab Al-Hiri Roach, Fiasco, Penny For My Thoughts, Contenders, etc). My main game for many years was D&D 3E, but there may not be much interest, since it has essentially been eclipsed by Pathfinder.
vestige (1)
D&D 3.5, Old School Hack, 13th Age, Monster of the Week, Tenra Bansho Zero,
I could happily discuss all of these, but I've already reviewed several of them, so I'm not sure how much new information I could actually add.
Hida Mann (2)
Spycraft, Marvel Super Heroes (SAGA), INVALID OBJECT ID=11201, type=family
There's other stuff I can do too, but here's a start.
dysjunct (1)
Riddle of Steel, Star Frontiers, Contenders, Dogs in the Vineyard, Call of Cthulhu, Parsely
Available whenever.
downeymb (1)
Zombie Murder Mystery, Mutants and Masterminds 2E, Mutants and Masterminds 3E

nimdil (1)
Cyberpunk 2020, Dzikie Pola, Kryształy Czasu, Vampire: The Dark Ages, Vampire: The Masquerade, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1st Edition), Werewolf: The Apocalypse, The Zorcerer of Zo, Mage: The Ascension
Available whenever. It turned out to be much longer list than I expected.
Castles & Crusades, James Bond 007, Delta Green, HackMaster, Timestream: A Role-Playing Game, TIMEMASTER

Astinex (1)
Dungeons & Dragons (3.5 Edition), Cyberpunk 2020, Serenity Role Playing Game
SLA Industries, Fading Suns
Give me a heads up on Fading Suns, as there is a lot of reference material to talk about.
GURPS 4th ed, AD&D 1st ed, GURPS 3rd ed
Any time except during Memorial or Labor Day weekend. Maybe Rindis and I can co-host something (I can cover Basic D&D if it's the Holmes edition)
GURPS 4th ed, GURPS 3rd ed, Basic Dungeons & Dragons, AD&D 1st ed
Maybe me and ealdrich could co-host something. ;) I'm not the biggest expert on any of those, but I can still semi-intelligently talk my head off about them.
sos1 (1)
Genre: Animal
In case anyone wants a change of pace from "Share a Game", I could "Share a Genre"!
bschoner (1)
Dread, Earthdawn, Feng Shui, Legend of the Five Rings (3rd or 4th Edition), Shadowrun, Torg, Dark Heresy
Any time, though advance warning always helps
Bazin (2)
Deathwatch, Star Wars (Saga)
Whenever needed - some lead time appreciated.
lorddillon (1)
Dogs in the Vineyard, Hollow Earth Expedition, Eclipse Phase, D&D
I can do pretty much any version of D&D other than 3.x; though I think this isn't needed given the point of the share-a-game initiative as a way to introduce people to the lesser known games (at least, as I understand it). Also, I would rather do this towards the end of 2011 rather than sooner.
Stix_Remix (2)

PaulBaldowski (1)
Solar System

Star Wars WEG 2nd Edition, MERP 2nd Edition, Ghostbusters, International
I can do any of these whenever. If I think of other games I'm available to review, I'll just update here.
Anima: Beyond Fantasy, World of Darkness(nWoD)

sbszine (1)
The Shadow of Yesterday (Revised Edition), Parsely, Deluge

3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars

aramis (3)
MegaTraveller, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1st Edition), Judge Dredd the Role-Playing Game (Games Workshop), Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Originaldibbler (1)
Das Schwarze Auge (DSA) (4th Edition),
I am not really an enthusiast about DSA but I know the game well.
trevlix (1)
Hollow Earth Expedition, Call of Cthulhu (2nd - 6th Edition), All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Love these game and would be more than happy to share them.
Darth Thulhu
Call of Cthulhu, Dark Sun, GURPS 4th ed, Mage: The Ascension, Ravenloft, Scion, Shadowrun, Vampire: The Dark Ages, Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse
Don't mind if others pick any game listed. Happy to co-host. For Shadowrun, very strong on 4th and 5th Editions, but have played much of the North American history through all editions. Cannot commit a week in October (RinCon obligations), otherwise free.

Requests for Games to be Shared

If there are any games that you would like to know more about, feel free to add them to this table in the hopes that someone will respond to your request and will volunteer to host that game. Note that wiki edits are not part of the site subscription service, so if no one notices your request, try raising it on the discussion thread as well: Share a Game for a Week.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Vaklam, stainlesssteelrat
3rd edition has been covered here
Swords & Wizardry
Fantasy Craft
Basic Dungeons & Dragons
rindis or lorddillon can fulfil this request
Fading Suns
mwchapel will hopefully fulfil this request
Ars Magica
5th edition has been covered here
Hong Kong Action Theater! (1st Edition)
Vaklam can fulfil this request
FATE (system)
A Penny For My Thoughts
cloudboy might fulfil this request
Demon: The Fallen
Dark Heresy
bschoner can fulfill this request
Eclipse Phase
Stix_Remix, Vaklam
lorddillon can fulfil this request
Spycraft 2.0
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
In a Wicked Age
Star Wars: Edge of Empire

Requests for Settings to be Shared

cjbowser and Darth Thulhu can cover
Dark Sun
Darth Thulhu can cover

This initiative has admin sponsorship from Stelio; feel free to pester him with comments and questions on the administration of the scheme.

Each Share a Game thread should start with these paragraphs (copy/paste it directly):

[i]Share a Game is an RPG Geek initiative in which knowledgeable users volunteer to spend a week hosting a thread about a particular game and answer any questions about that game. This thread will have a week in the spotlight, but will always remain active if you stumble across it later.

For more information, including volunteering to host a game yourself, or to request a particular game that you would like to know more about, see the wiki page: [wikipage=Share a Game]. And in order to receive notifications when new threads are posted, subscribe to the GeekList: [geeklist=66346]Share a Game[/geeklist][/i]

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