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"Weight" isn't clearly defined. (For a while game pages described it as a "complexity rating" with a brief mouseover explanation "Community rating for how difficult a game is to understand. Lower rating (lighter weight) means easier.")

For different people weight means different things, usually a combination of things like:

  • How complex/thick is the rulebook?
  • How long does it take to play?
  • What proportion of time is spent thinking and planning instead of resolving actions?
  • How hard and long do you have to think to improve your chance of winning?
  • How little luck is in the game?
  • How much technical skill (math, reading ahead moves, etc) is necessary?
  • How long does it take to learn the rules?
  • How many times do you need to play before you feel like you "get" the game?


BGG uses a 5-point Weight scale:
  • Light
  • Medium Light
  • Medium
  • Medium Heavy
  • Heavy

Weight is part of the rating system.

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